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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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has personal information at risk after hackers security. thanks now joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas with leyla gulen who is watching the highways and mike is watching the rain. >> first, the flash flood watch is now starting earlier than when we talked yesterday at 10:00 this evening, through 6:00 saturday morning for the entire north bay and we watching the area around mill valley for the most flooding and the wind advisories when the fastest winds are blown and when we could have damaged power outages from 4:00 tomorrow morning through saturday at 4:00 in the morning with gusts up for 50 miles per hour are poll. as we look at day planner we will tack about the 12 hours of the day planner temperatures near 60 at noon and we will be near the low-to-mid 60's by the
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afternoon hours when we get to 5:00 the rain will move into the north bay. >> based on that forecast get who is very busy tomorrow morning. because rain is coming to everat this time we have to be careful and diligent about drive on the freeways because you cannot see the water pooling because of hydroplaning and slippery because of oil buildup. >> now, the bay bridge toll plaza shows the metering lights are turned on and heavy backups from the east bay and on the lower deck but a stalled big rig at treasure island. >> woman be busy tomorrow morning? >> all of us. all of us. continuing our storm watch coverage, a look from the golden gate bridge camera expect a drier commute but as mike has been telling us the drive home for people in some areas of the bay area could be different.
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our reporter is in mill valley with preparations. in the north bay they expect the most so here in mill valley, they are already getting ready and you can see there are some sandbags out here on miller avenue. this is a low-lying area known to deal with some flooding. officials will be watching closely to make sure the heavy rains do noun coin side with high tides the people appreciate the rain but they remember the problems the december stock exchange brought -- storms brought including flooding of intercessions. >> it was a lake. a lake. i saw cars coming law and they stopped and saw the lake and turned around and then there was lake on or side and they didn't know how to get out. >> the creeks will be watched closely. like this creek. it is known to spill over the
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bang when the rain comes in too fast. officials are warning drivers to prepare for long and slow commutes especially friday evening's commute is wet so stay home if you can and just avoid it all. the rains can cause more problems for displaced residents of the fire damaged building in the mission. you can see the roof is all but gone exposing many of the third floor apartments. crews are doing what they can to put up emergency walls and cover some of the roof but it could still cave in. meantime, some residents were allowed back for 20 minutes yesterday to collect whatever belongings they could the no one else will be allowed inside until the building department can stabilize the building and that can take weeks or months. >> you can track the rain on live doppler hd with the weather app and it is free on apple's
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app store or google play and we have more information at developing news, health insurance giant anthem says hackers broke into a database containing information on 80 million customers and employees. investigators are still determining the extent of hack. the attack was sophisticated and a breach exposed names and birthdates and social security numbers and addresses but did not include medical or financial records and is setting up an informational website for customers. our reporter will have more at the bottom the hour. >> just as california drivers are enjoy the low gas price there could be a new pay to pay for repairing roads and highways matt keller has the details. matt? >> we are here in santa clara as the entrance of southbound 101 and i was told by a driver would
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commutes from morgan hill to santa clara that his commute is filled with potholes. we know the roads can be rough but here is the question: are youing to pay for more to fix them? a new bill will raise $2 billion for fix the roads and bridges and highways as california deals with $59 billion backlog in infrastructure repairs. he did not say how the money will be collected but the fee of $52 a year could be champions charged as vehicle registration. drivers are hitting the brakes on fees. >> how are the roads? >> bad. pretty bad. >> will to pay more money to get them fixed? >> depends on how much? >> yes. >> you are already paying gas taxes, as well? [ inaudible ]
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a two thirds vote of letture legislature is required to pass this fee. matt, thank you very much. >> san francisco police are investigating a fatal shooting in the bayview district that happened near oakdale after at 10:00 the when officers got this a man was found with gunshot wounds and died at the scene. the identity of the victim is fought released. his have made no arrests. >> if you details on the emeryville police officer would shot and killed a 38-year-old african-american woman on tuesday. we have learned the officer was wearing a body camera but it was not turned on. police were following the woman after home depot security call saying she tried to steal knives and point add gun at employees.
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officers say she tried to carjack these drivers and pointed a lowed revolver at them. they fired seven shots. body cameras are not standard issue in emeryville and are being field tested. >> united states attorney general hold certificate if the -- holder is in the area to join on hosting a roundtable discussion to build trust between police and community members after several police brutality incidents sparked protests. there will be a similar event at the willie may's boys and girls club of san francisco. >> new weather and traffic starting with mike and where the rain is. >> the rain is well north of us and we see the north bay as we head to the evening rush hour in time for that. in the south bay you have to wait until tomorrow and maybe and the afternoon hours. it is 49 in los altos hills and everyone is in the low-to-mid fists and that is how we are, very mile as we expected,
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danville and brentwood are the cooler spots at 48 and 47. san rafael is dry and fog free this morning. temperature will run in the low-to-upper 60 inland angered at the bay and breezy at the coast upper 50 to low 60s and as we look at walnut creek you can see it is clear, and the fog free commute for all of us with the hest rain and fastest winds tomorrow and rain to light showers on saturday and a second round of heavy rain on sunday, an hour-by-hour timeline coming up. >> free of incidents on the golden gate bridge and that is a clear dry from marin to san francisco, southbound traffic is the headlights and tail lights in the northbound direction with an incident in the north bay headed and petaluma, southbound side of highway 101 at petaluma boulevard we have a three-car crash with one lane blocked. slow going as you approach lakeville highway and bumper-to-bumper traffic and that is to the south. we have a pick crash keeping our
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eye on and possible injuries southbound 880 at fremont boulevard so the drive through union city and to fremont and newark will be slow certainly approaching highway 92 we have bumper-to-bumper traffic already building southbound 880 cutting away from 238. a big box retailer wants to get smaller. the new idea from target and the bay area city that can soon see the new stores. >> new developments on suge knight after he was rushed to the hospital. >> google shocks the technical world when it pulls the plug on the glass eyewear and the insiders reveal the reason. stay tuned. female announcer: don't wait for presidents' day to save on a new mattress. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now! save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. plus, free delivery, set up, and removal of your old set. and sleep train's 100 day money back guarantee.
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>> you covering fremont, palo alto north bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:12 on the morning news. this is a picture from the camera looking to san francisco and if you look closely you can see the camera bouncing a little bit. it is breezy and we see more of that when the rain moves in. mike will have the story coming up. rap mogul suge knight is out out of the hospital and back if custody with the sheriff complaining of chest pains on tuesday an hour after he pleaded not guilty to murder attempted murder and hit-and-run charges for running over two men killing one them following an argument in compton. tradition of faith is underway in washington dc, right now. a look from inside the national
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prayer breakfast where you can see president obama has been introduced and is preparing to speak bringing together political and religious leaders. >> i thank our co-chairs, bob and roger. these do not always agree in the senate but in coming together and uniting us all in prayer in the spit of our gathering and i thank everyone would helped organize this breakfast. it is wonderful to see so many friends and faith leaders, dignitaries and by shell and i are truly honored to be joining you here today the i offer a special welcome to a good friend his holiness the dalai lama who is a powerful example of what it noons to practice
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compassion and inspire us to specific up for the freedom and dignity of all human beings and i have been plazad it welcome him to the white house many occasions and we are grateful that he can join us today. the appearance by the dalai lama is creating tension with china which is unhappy with his efforts to seek autonomy for tibet. though meeting is edge asked between the president and the dalai lama, no official meeting although they are both there. >> tone at 11 o'clock an investigation the only all male catholic prep school in san francisco is dealing with a scandal after interviewing teachers at the high school who say principal showed them pictures of naked women and other images not appropriate for a school environment. >> how did it come up? [ inaudible ] what do you think of this? that is how it comes up like it is no big deal. >> more sensitive two teachers
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accused principal of showing a racy video involving a riordan high school student. we investigate what really happens tonight at 11 o'clock. >> we are learning why google pulled the plug on the hyped glass eyewear stop selling glass and now "new york times" says new were site from insiders at google a former employee says the product wasn't ready for prime time. google co-founder wanted it to be released so it could be improved with feedback. extra have the joy backfired with many critical reviews. >> moringly news involving san francisco based twitter. the two companies have struck a deal to make the 140 character updates more searchable on-line. tweets will be visible if google's search results as soon as they are posted. >> super target, regular target
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mini target now another investigation of the popular retailer. look at target express. the smaller stores will soon be opening in san francisco in addition to boston, san diego, chicago, and washington, dc. target express stores are smaller than traditional target stores and city target stores. there are already two city target stores in san francisco aimed at urban customers would do not need egg offered this traditional big box stores. >> the first amazon store has opened on the campus of perdue university in indiana and it is the first custom order pickup location in the country. orders are made on the amazon website and shipped to purr dear location and when it arrived a text with a link to a bar code is sent to the phone and the customer scans the code and a locker opens with package inside. >> there are a million items students can pick up the fiscal year day so you can order as
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late at 10:00 p.m. and pick up at 9:00 a.m. the next morning. it makes your life so much easier i have used it four times in the last week and a half. >> amazon will open a second location at purdue in the spring and would like to expand to other universities. now leyla gulen and the traffic. >> it is slow down with a ribbon of tail lights pushed to walnut creek and highway 24 northbound traffic is not affected and clear to pleasant hill. we have an injury accident southbound 101 at petaluma boulevard two lanes are blocked and slowing to show for it and it eases up and it backs up again when you get closer to lakeville highway with bumper-to-bumper traffic. another accident in fremont with more information on that in a few minutes. as far as our lack of fog this morning which is good news for the commute, five miles per
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hour in livermore with the fog from the central valley moving across the at pass and a southern wind it will have a hard time making it to our neighbors and clouds are thickest and dropping rain to the north, crescent city and mostly north of 80 so san jose no rain for either compute this morning or tonight and just cloudy and this is how it looks from the east bay hills camera not a "spare the air" day with rain moving to the north by as we led to the evening rush and half rain and thunder is possible tomorrow and showers on the light side on saturday and a heavier push of rain sunday and breezy but not so strong as our storm on friday which has been the case the week. the temperatures local 60 and the coast and north bay mid-to-upper 60's for the rest of us and tonight you can see where the steady rain is, moderate at times in the north bay and the rest of us, a few sprinkles and light showers and temperatures in the low-to-mid
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50's so very the rain is moving in moderate at times and it will stay right along 80 as we head to the morning commute tomorrow and by noon it make as push to the south as the stronger storm finally, the cold front moves in and you can see oranges and reds so that is moderate-to-heavy rain from noon through 7:00 from the north bay into the south bay so that is when the winds are fastest and we will have flood. scattered showers with rain and thunder to midnight and it tapers as we head to saturday morning. rainfall amount at 2-4" and 1-2" in the south bay and 6-10 in the mountains and to the sierra, snow levels are high at 9,000' dropping to 8,000' so up to a foot of snow at highest part of the ski resorts by end of the
6:20 am
weekend. the seven-day forecast shows at homes sunday, the last push of written and wind and by monday afternoon the sun is back and warm sunshine by wednesday. >> something sweet to talk about: snow. the lake tahoe report shows sugar bowl resort right now has 14-48" base. it will take only three hours. no changes required. keep them handy. it sounds like you will need them over the weekend. squall valley 18-35" base and kirkwood at 36" base so more snow headed into the weekend. a few more resorts alpine meadows 18-31" and 32" at heavenly and long 50 it will take you these hours to 3 hou and 20 minutes.
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>> eric, could your hands predict infidelity? we tell you about a new study that is getting a lot of buzz on-line. >> "7 on your side" teams up with "consumer reports" to find out if you need to pay top dollar for a top paint. >> we show you the golden gate bridge in a picture with headlights in san francisco moving along fine with the storm on way and live doppler hd is showing weather and traffic during the
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investigation into the deadly rain wreck with six people killed when the crowded commuter train slammed interest an s.u.v. and this morning we are learning more of the victims. we are at the scene with the latest next. okay. if you are looking for a quick and do it yourself touch up for your home paint is easy option but do you have to pay top price to get top results? >> consumer scum is -- "consumer reports" is partnering with "7 on your side" to find out. good morning everyone lowe's and home depot have new premium parents that have new premium price tags. "consumer reports" test them and dozens of others to see how much to pay to get great results. >> fresh coat of paint and give a simple makeover. it is complicated by choosing the paint. home improvement stores stock not only different brands but even varying grades in a single
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brand of we paint including ultra and reserve. the tonight line at home depot came in first at "consumer reports" recent test. >> it is great at covering dark colors and resisting stains and it was one of the best in a stuff stubbing tests but it cost $43 a gallon. for $10 less this was just as good in every test but for stain resistant. even there it was pretty close. it is the same story with a reserve, low. 's high end paint is top performer at $44 a gallon. for $10 less, can you get the signature which still gives impressive rules. >> you give up a little stain resistance but if you use the semi gloss you should be if. >> however do not go too low wal-mart's color place interior paint costs only $17 a gallon
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but it flunked "consumer reports" stain test and wasn't great at hiding dark colors. sometimes things are cheap for a reason. >> ace hardware offers their own brand, too clark which testers say is a really good paint for $32 a gallon. can you get tips on the best way to paint a room on our website. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. break if at tiffany's the high end retailer is the site of a take over-style robbery. >> the largest insurance companies hit by a hack attack with sensitive information at risk. >> storm is coming and people are preparing. >> a look at the storm with live doppler 7 hd and it has moved far south and i will give you an hour-by-hour timetable of when
6:27 am
it will get to your neighborhood, how much rain to expect and how much snow the sierra will receive. >> as we head into san jose the drive up to the san jose international airport along 101 is looking clear southbound traffic is empty and we are lit as far as actions but be careful when the rain comes, it could be slick. with more detail ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is thursday. the day the storm, a series of them, will hit the bay area. are you ready for it? pier 15 shows the flag winning. still calm. compared to what is to come. thanks for joining us. >> leyla gulen is keeping track of the roads and mike is keeping track of the storm system. >> we will see what live doppler
6:30 am
hd has for you this morning. notice the rain eureka, headed to mount shasta the next couple of hours misty and the light around livermore with five miles visibility. winds from the south are less than ten miles per hour and though will pick up as we head into the afternoon hours. from the exploritorium a new breaks in the cloud cover and not completely cloudy looking at day planner but sunshine is letted pushing us to 60 at noon and mid-sick at 4:00 but mid-50's with rain in the in fact bay during the evening. >> rebounding we do not need rain to mess up the commute. >> but traffic wise this is the calm before the storm. we are looking at clear conditions and what we are dealing with now is congestion. we did have a couple of early acts -- accidents that
6:31 am
cleared. walnut creek is gumming up headed out of pleasant hill to highway 24 to get you from highway 4 to the 24 junction it will take you 15 minutes. >> continuing our storm watch coverage, from the san rafael camera it is dry. as mike has been telling us that is about to change. people and drivers hopefully are getting ready. our reporter has the story in mill valley. happier in the north bay is where it is expected to be the heaviest and in pill valley -- pill valley they have sandbags lining the sidewalks to protect the shops on miller avenue. and this area has flooded before. it sits below sea level and it is near a creek so they are getting ready and although it has been a while since we have had the rain, people in the north bay still remember the storm in december that created problems. city officials are warning we
6:32 am
could see flooding this team, too. >> we expect heavy rain friday morning probably for 24-hour period and the volume of rain can crete flash floods because there is so much volume the crews can not handle it. that could happen. >> people are good at being prepared in the bay area. at the lumber store they sold 8,000 flashlights during did days so you still have those handy hopefully. in mill valley crews are clear the storm drains and the money works department is bringing in center employees to be ready just in case the storm causes damage. you can track rain on live doppler hd any time with the weather traffic which is tree on the google play or apple app and google play with more information at abc7 news/app.
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>> and health insurance company has been hit by hears. anthem offers blue blue plans in california and nick is following developments in the newsroom. >> the health care company said they were the target of a very sophisticated external cyber attack and the personal information of 80 million customers and employees may have been exposed. the f.b.i. is now investigating and says medical identity theft is often not immediately identified by parents or provider giving criminals years to milk the credentials. the second largest insurance company said hackers got hold of birthdates, hope addresses, social security numbers and employment information. the anthem president and c.e.o. says his information was stolen, too, as well as the information of anthem employees. he issued this statement saying based on a we know now, there is in ever that credit card or medical information such as claims, test results or diagnostic codes were targeted
6:34 am
or compromised. anthem offered blue cross-blue shield will pay for identity theft recollection for all affected customers. the santa rosa fire department is investigating a fail fire that took the life of a north bay woman. a woman if her 50's esther miller died in the hospital. it broke out at 7:00 p.m. last night and her 86-year-old mother was able to escape after smelling smoke. crews contempt the flames from spreading to other homes. >> san francisco police are looking for the three men who pull off a takeover-style robbery in a stiff any's store in san francisco need the westfield shopping center storming into the storm at 3:00 p.m. yesterday flashing guns and ordering everyone on the floor and force the an employee to on
6:35 am
the jewelry cases and left with undisclosed amount of merchandise. no one was hurt. today an east bay oil refinery could shut down by the end of the day because of a labor dispute the this is video of the refinery in martinez, one of nine nationwide where members are on strike. that strike began on sunday but workers in martinez stayed on the job for a few days to safely shut down the refinery. worker safety and staffing levels are the big issues. shell is leading nexts for the oil companies made another offer and the union will respond today >> fixing the crumbling roads in california and the $1 billion plan and why you could be the one paying up. >> meet the plus-size model joining kate upton and other top
6:36 am
models. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic stacking up's rain arrives. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream.
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back at 6:38. now, february, and? for extremes in san jose with 3" of rain and 10" is the most we have had. new, what will happen today most of rain will stay north of 80 until we get to the evening rush and then it will come down south, and in the mid-60's in chico and sacramento, and up to 83 in palm springs and 69 in san diego. in lake, i will show you all seven days of the forecast i put together for you it is going to
6:39 am
be windy with mostly rain tomorrow and snow levels at least 9,000 soviet not and open saturday the snow politics in and by sunday and monday the snow down to 8,000' and maybe a not of snow. leyla? >> it is only going to take 11 minutes from the maze to san francisco on the bay bridge. it is a packed toll plaza. traffic is moving at 37 miles per hour. that is the average speed beyond the metering lights. and in emeryville camera to the eastern span and the new span to treasure island, still looking clear this. we are headed into the north bay where the accident is cleared and southbound 101 at petaluma boulevard, but most of the delays are south of the scene of the accident headed beyond lakeville highway and then it eases. drive time traffic 580 westbound, tracy to dublin is 39 minutes and highway 4 31 minutes, antioch to concord and from san rafael to san francisco
6:40 am
is 18 minutes and no fog. >> new this morning, come on show them could your fingers the predictor of your happy over after? >> why verizon is giving away discounts to customers. >> stay in the know with abc with the storm on way. we have a look at the san mateo bridge and traffic is stacking up. tail lights, westbound, and live doppler 7 hd shows female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. find the tempur-pedic that's right
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strudel, the snow day of breakfasts. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. >> covering los altos, antioch petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. welcome back, good morning to you 6:42. crumbling roads are a problem
6:43 am
across california but in this morning a state lawmaker has a plan to patch them up but it will cost you. >> filling up with lower gas prices is nice right? with the fuel efficient cars that are on the roads you fill up less than ever. that is a problem when there is less money to help repair the roads all the gas tax dollars are fought there like they were before. that is the issue facing politicians in sacramento as the state deals with $59 billion backlog in infrastructure repairs. a new proposal by assembly speaker raises $2 billion a year to fix the state roads and bridges and highways and said the fee $52 a year could be charged as part of insurance plan or vehicle registration. people we spoke with agree bay area roads need to be fixed but say they pay enough. >> they are horrible. they do not maintain them. i drive from morningen hill and
6:44 am
a lot of potholes on 101 and uneven roads. we pay enough in taxes. if they would use the money more wisely they could maintain the roads. >> drive on poorly maintained roads results in higher maintenance bills and people would save money if the roads were fixed. two-thirds vote of the legislature is required to pass. a spokesman for the going caucus said lay makers can look beyond the fees because of a bloated state transportation bureaucracy. another option being considered is charging drivers by the mile rather than how much gas they use but that is an option this not be implemented governor five years. >> police in southern california are hopping a video posted on social media will help discourage drinking and driving. it shows a car speeding on to the 1,80000' long bion january 27 and the driver circled the
6:45 am
restaurant at the end of the structure and drove back to the pier entrance where a 27-year-old was arrested on suspicion of driving up the influence. no one was hurt. no pedestrians were on the pier. the cover of the "sports illustrated" swimsuit magazine has been revealed. the model is 24 year old hannah davis. this year, a model inside the magazine is getting a lot of attention. an advertisement for "swimsuits for all," features a husband -- plus-sized model the first in history, a size 16 called a "big step," for the curvy girl movement and women like it. >> all of the skinny millions this tells girls with cubs its is okay to be chick. it is showing and portraying a positive body image. >> she looks cute. like a woman. a regular woman. >> "sports illustrated" magazine
6:46 am
comes out on monday. verizon is giving customer as discount. >> tablets are not what they used to be. jane king has these stories and more today. good morning, nice strong fort on wall street this morning with the dow up 100 points and s&p and nasdaq up as well and this as we await the jobs report which we will get tomorrow morning. twitter has had tough times cut ting stock in half with calls for the c.e.o. to step doing. today they report results with a few new exciting features through a deal with google where tweets show up in google searches and a camera that allows people to shoot from a national app. verizon is joining mobile savings at $10 a month. you have to call the company and tell them you want to save the
6:47 am
money you do not get it automatically and you can get more data, instead. >> tablet numbers are bad for apple, year end tablet shipments from market research show that growth has evaporated for the ipad and as bad as the tablet sells are for apple they are worse for samsung. finally, frozen blueberries a top frozen fruit choice as more planned their own smoothie. dole is seeing soaring sales of frozen fruit with 60 percent going into smoothie and the sals are up 67 percent since back to you. >> jane, thanks. >> sharing my smoothie recipe with mike and talking how we use frozen or fresh blueberries. more important things right now. we have to get to the storm. how many more hours do we have, mike? >> we probably have ten headed
6:48 am
to the evening commute at 5:00 the steady rain is moving in to the north bay and it is around eureka and crescent city with moderate-to-heavy rain is falling. san jose has nothing to worry about at the shark tank and the air is clear and in the central valley, we have high and mid-level clouds but we do not have the poor air quality we had yesterday. today, my first forecast i like cloudy and breezy with rain in the north bay this afternoon. heavy rain thunder is possible for all of us tomorrow and scattered lighter showers open saturday and a secondary push with heavy rain and breezy conditions on sunday but it will not be so strong as tomorrow's push. southeastern winds will keep us in the mid-to-upper 60's and most of the rain north of us blowing along the ocean and you will be cooler in the low-to-mid 50's and tonight, steady rain everyone is cloudy and mild with
6:49 am
low-to-mid 50's and could be a stray shower ahead of that shield of rain but mostly that is where it will stay. in fact, you can watch it as we hold to action, there you go, it is starting to come on in and it stays this dug the overnight hours. as we head through the morning hours, it becomes moderate-to-heavy at times as the cold front moves in and did you see the reds show up? that is the possible of thunderstorms with brief heavy rain and that is how we can have the flooding with localized urban flatting with one or two storms where the drapes have not been cleaned will the timeframe is 11 o'clock in the north bay through 7:00 in the south bay and scattered with heavy rain possible during the evening friday but as we head into the overnight hour and through saturday it becomes very height and very scatter the. our first wave is rowing 1-2" in the south bay and 2-4" for most us and 6-10 from the santa cruz to the north bay mountains and flooding is moved up to 10:00 in
6:50 am
the north bay through 6:00 on saturday morning and the winds are going to be an issue with trees coming down and possible power outages at 4:00 tomorrow morning until 4:00 on saturday morning. the seven-day forecast shows mild temperatures mid-to-upper 60's and rain is out of here by the morning commute on monday we will see increasing sunshine and 70's coming back to the forecast by when. until then tonight through sunday it will be fun. >> we have 360 mobile camera headed into oakland and we are making our way up to the bay bridge toll plaza and you and see how well the traffic is moving so if you wondered what it will be like on your ride this is how you get to work you can see it first hand, headed into san francisco let me turn this around so you can see how traffic is moving in the eastbound direction. so not too bad not too many cars behind us as we make the commute away from highway 13 and
6:51 am
interest san francisco i will swing this become around again and you can see how traffic is coming in and now we starting to apply the brakes and when you get past highway 13 and closer to the maze that is where you will see those bright lights pushing in and it will take you a few extra minutes. across the bay area and how traffic is moving along walnut creek is slower and a tough drive from letten hill at it will minutes and, also, the semi yes bridge is tough at 20 minutes from hayward to foster city and the dumbarton is a good alternate. this is the story you have been waiting for. >> the key to finding the right roll man tick pan could be as simple as looking at his or her...hands. people whose ring and index fingers are the same length are more likely to be faithful and those with longer ring finger
6:52 am
are more likely to cheat. the longer it is the more testosterone they were exposed to so they are more likely to be promiscuous. >> i would like to hear what the researchers have to say about that? >> me, too! stay tuned.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> good morning at 6:53. this is our camera driving along if you are trying to get to the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the clouds and the rain is going to be rapidly approaching and traffic is moving fine but still slow. >> number one, the north bay is getting ready for rain. after a month of born dry river officials from row north park to mill valley are warning of possible flooding and people are already putting out sandbags in anticipation of the rain. >> we needs the umbrellas this morning is mostly north of us as the inform is freeing all the way up into canada. i will show you our neighbors and you can see a sprinkle in the not bay probably just the radar shooting into the clouds that are lowering and will continue to do that. today is mainly cloudy and breezy and dry until we get to the evening commute in the north bay. that is when you get the rain. >> you saw mobile 360 camera
6:55 am
moving in toward the maze and here is the map. traffic is slowing down interest emeryville at 11 miles per hour, approaching the maze and here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza so tell take you continue mens to head from the maze to super san francisco and looking busy at the richmond san rafael plaza. drive safe. >> alameda county sheriff arrested a suspect in a sexual assault at a 99 cent only store near hayward and investigators say the man if this southfield molested an eight-year-old girl in the toy aisle on sunday. deputies land to release more information later today. >> health insurance company says 80 million customers and employees may have had their private insurance compromised including home addresses and social security numbers. the c.e.o. says even his personal information was stillen by hackers and the f.b.i. is investigating. >> statute lawmakers are considering a proposal to charge california drivers $52 fee to
6:56 am
raise more money for road repairs. if passed the assembly speak are say it will raise $2 billion a year to fix the california roads and bridges and highways. >> are you determining everies? >> yes! >> saturday's powerball jackpot is the second largest in the past it will months. no one matched all six numbers last night in the $317 million drawing so the saturday night jackpot is $360 million, $22350 million. cash. >> we continue online and twit and facebook and all mobile devices.
6:57 am
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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? good morning, america. happening now, deep freeze. temperatures plunging from the midwest to the east coast tumbling more than 30 degrees an hour. bitter windchills dipping below zero and more than a half foot of snow targeting the the hard-hit northeast again. hack attack. a massive data breach at one of the nation's biggest health insurers. private information from 80 million stolen. the fbi investigating now. mystery on the tracks. new details this morning on that deadly accident and the mother of three who was behind the wheel of that suv. also, the extraordinary new tales of heroism. how passengers were saved from the burning car. ♪ ice ice baby ♪ and why is a polar bear roaming city streets drawing a


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